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Media Art, Inc. established in 1996 with head office in Atlanta, Georgia by a group of professional programmers, designers, artists, animators and musicians from Ukraine and Russia. Since the inception of the company it's been our goal to produce the advanced product while making sure that the same product is extremely user friendly. Over nine years, we have developed more than 100 software titles. More than 60 of them have been published in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and others. We have a huge impact on Russian and Ukrainian market where we also publish and localize our products. 

Providing the end-user with an outstanding computer experience has been the primary goal of the company from the beginning. Media Art continually strives to provide the best story line, best graphics, and the best sounds within each of our products. Media Art produces only a few quality titles a year, while our competitors release many more titles. This allows us time to develop titles that the customer wants and will enjoy, rather than just releasing software for the sake of revenue. We have a big experience of performing special orders for creating 3D reality (3D cities). Our projects were demonstrated at many world trade shows. The quality of our products has been well recognized by the computer industry.

The company is constantly growing and attracts more and more young and challenging developers, designers and animators. Currently we have three main departments: Digital Imaging, Mobile Applications, and 3D Games.

Digital Imaging Department is the most successful and well-established one. It offers a wide variety of digital imaging products mainly aimed at digital camera owners who end up with a huge number of photos and have nothing to do with them. We come to their rescue and help them be creative. The main features of the products are the ease of use for beginners and interesting solutions for experienced users. Among its current developments are the products for image editing, business and private desktop printing and many arts & crafts projects.

3D Games Department has grown to more than 20 people. This fastest growing branch of the company consists of young talented programmers and designers who are fully committed to the project and strive to provide the best story line, best graphics, best animations and sounds. Brilliant ideas and brave initiatives for different solutions, all this makes for bringing high quality development and meeting all requirements, as well as deadlines. The department itself is divided into 3 teams: 3D engine development team, and 2 projects developing teams. All of them work together sharing experience, new technologies and helping each other with any challenges which appear on the way.

The youngest and the smallest but yet very promising and far-looking department is Mobile Applications Department. The establishment of this branch was stimulated by the fast growth of mobile phones industry and development of new and challenging mobile technologies. It is not only games that we offer, but also mobile video surveillance systems for b2b and private use, as well as other data transferring solutions.